Sunday, September 6, 2009

a throne fit for a king

fuzzy socks, grandma's quilt, leather couches, hot chocolate, and 80s movies . bliss.

in the past week i have taken full advantage of every free minute i've had (more than you'd expect, that's what happens when you order textbooks online and don't sleep) and have lost track of exactly how many movies i've seen.  i've probably slept more on my couch than in my own bed, and i appreciate you, kari, for not posting that picture of me sprawled out with the pen hanging out of my mouth.

Friday, September 4, 2009

And sometimes you close your eyes and see the place where you used to live...

it is true, i have joined the blogging world.  it became apparent that not only am i terrible at keeping everyone updated on my life, i'm terrible at remembering whom i told what, SO! this is my solution.   my inspiration for writing a blog?  the adorable amy adams in Julie & Julia, of course.  the movie even inspired me to cook more! but seeing as how i don't have the means (or alcohol) to cook most french recipes shown, i settle for blogging.

i feel it appropriate to give a brief overview of what's been going on since graduating high school ('07) since that was when i dropped off the face of the planet.  my fault, i didn't really care about announcements.  that following june i was still working at Magleby's Fresh and picked up a job as a transcriptionist at KLAS Enterprises.  that august, mom and i packed up my meager belongings and moved me up to logan so I could attend utah state university.  i lived in richard hall with 5 (eventually just 4) other girls, and at the end of the semester moved back home.  i had every intention of going back, but for whatever reason, didn't.  i stayed at home and continued working at the fresh.  mom and i both got hired on at byu catering.  in january '09 i transferred credits and enrolled to the new utah valley university and signed up for their hospitality management program.  after the semester ended i got promoted to an official manager at magleby's fresh.  i had been trained as a shift manager pretty much from the beginning, but only now was it official (with the nifty button-up shirts with the logo and everything!).  pretty much changed my life!  JK.  no but really.
Aside from that, summer was spent swimming with the various nieces and nephews (Brenden will forever be my favorite), staying up way too late, spending all of my money (see shoes), watching a disgusting number of movies (Harry Potter!), and finally acting like a 20 year old.  A few weeks ago I also took the plunge and moved out of Mom's house and into an apartment.  I am now a resident at Crestwood Apartments (#102) and am loving every minute of it! Granted, I'm not home much since I work 8+ hours every day, then go to night classes at UVU, and still somehow manage a small social life.  Sleep much?  Never!

i miss my mommy, but i am having a great time with kari (go me rockin' the a-line) and am always looking forward to what tomorrow will bring! albeit, 5 am? really?