Wednesday, November 4, 2009

hulu is my boyfriend

this might be incredibly rude/shallow of me, but i hope i never look like the people on Biggest Loser.

anywhoo, list of new obsessions.

lady gaga playing the piano.
pasta salad.
kari's homemade trailmix.
boots, all types of boots, ankle boots, knee-highs, uggs, heels.....
homemade guacamole (fresh ingredients a'course).
pencil skirts.
corn bread with denise's jalapeno jello. oh gosh, sounds disgusting, but it's to die for. literally, it'll kill you. but it's worth it.
     -TV shows beginning with C, apparently
     -The Listener

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

yeah, just keep telling yourself that

"it's all about your attitude"

today i had a song composed in my honor.  it went like this "garbage lady, ooh, garbage lady, where you taking that trash to? garbage lady, ooh, garbage lady..."

i chuckle, and continue on my merry way.

approach garbage can, lift lid, begin swinging up first bag, and stand in shock as unknown liquid spills down my arm.  cringe.

on the walk of shame back to my apartment, i pass mister sinatra once more, serenading picnic-goers with a different melody.  upon seeing me, he commences the garbage-lady song once more.

smile and wave, smelly cat, just smile and wave.